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Bradford Ontario • L3Z 2A7
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Job Details

Tooling Supervisor for Plastic Industry

Job ID: 20,155

Date Posted:
Mar 7, 2023
Job Title:
Tooling Supervisor for Plastic Industry
Job Category:
Trades, Transport & Equipment Operation
Bradford, ON

Job Description:



Maintain the Tooling Preventative Maintenance Schedule, in coordination with the production schedule. To work with the Production and Engineering to ensure mold breakdowns are repaired correctly and in a timely manner. To monitor the daily activities of the tooling area of Maintenance. To design various types, sizes and shapes of jigs and fixtures, and evaluate equipment. To help with the evaluation of tooling and track the repair and preventive maintenance of tooling. To supervise and train other associates within the department as needed


  • Responsible for supervising, scheduling, training, and coordinating activities of associates in the department
  • Responsible for coaching and counseling of associates on performance and attendance issues and for documentation related to same
  • Responsible for maintaining consistency throughout with respect to discipline, overtime distribution and other associate issues
  • Ensure that good housekeeping practices (5S) are adhered to always
  • Interview/testing of candidates for positions within the department.
  • Analyze and solve problems making necessary countermeasures to correct problems
  • Schedules projects for machining and metal fabrication
  • Assists Engineering with designs related to sub-equipment
  • Provides hands on support by fabricating equipment (cutting, burning, and welding various metals)
  • Researches and meets with possible subcontractors or suppliers of parts and materials
  • Works with subcontractors on projects
  • Evaluates equipment and monitors preventative maintenance


  • Sandblasting Tools
  • Weld for External Mold repair or modifications
  • Read schematic drawings and blueprints
  • Drive the tow motor
  • Perform the duties of other associates in their absence
  • Other duties as required

Core Competencies:

  • Interpersonal Communication - accurate sharing of information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages (includes the expression of empathy, openness, trust etc.)
  • Written Communication - effective, clear, complete, concise, accurate, and courteous sending of written messages or instructions
  • Priority Management - focusing time and resources towards work, projects, and tasks that impact high-value projects and goals; being able to decern between urgent and important requests; delegate when and where appropriate
  • Problem Solving - defining a problem, determining the cause, identifying, prioritizing responses, selecting alternatives for a solution, and then implementing a solution
  • Team Building - helping individuals work as a cohesive group where all members feel invested in the direction and accomplishments of the team; ensuring members have input towards developing goals and defining the steps to take to reach those goals
  • Recognition and Feedback - delivering effective feedback (both positive and corrective) that is immediate, focused, and relevant; the ability to receive feedback and apply it to promote growth and development
  • Conflict Resolution - finding common ground that enables everyone to work together peacefully when two or more individuals have different objectives, opinions, or styles
  • Cultural Modeling - consistently demonstrating the behaviours that support KCC values, and encourage others to do the same


  • Tooling PM Completion Maintained to Plan
  • Tooling BP Projects Maintained to Plan
  • Tooling Downtime Reduction


  • Use or wear personal protective equipment or clothing required to perform the job tasks safely
  • Report to his/her manager the absence of or defect in any equipment or protective devices of which he/she is aware, and which may endanger him/herself or another worker
  • Report to his/her manager any contravention of the Occupational Health & Safety Act or the regulations or the existence of any hazard of which he/she knows
  • Minimal exposure to noise
  • Fast-paced work environment
  • Be aware of all posted warnings and hazards of all surrounding machinery
  • Knowledge of KCC’s ISO 14001 polices and procedures
  • Job generally requires moving and working with heavy mold parts. Position can be very demanding physically
  • Adhere to 5S program-clean plant environment


Kumi Canada Corporation



  • Post-Secondary Technical diploma or equivalent
  • Licensed and 5 to 10 years of injection mold making experience
  • Previous supervisory experience is an asset
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work effectively in a Team Environment
  • Ability to work unsupervised for long periods of time
  • Must have a good understanding of Safety concerns related to working with heavy equipment
  • Experience with hand tools
  • Manual dexterity is required
  • Ability to lift to 55 pounds infrequently
  • Good record keeping and organizational skills
  • Satisfactory work records, including attendance
  • Willingness to work overtime when necessary

How To Apply:

Job is posted on behalf of the employer by CONTACT Employment Services Bradford, You may drop off  your resume and the cover letter our office location or email to employment@contactcommunityservices.ca 

Please mention the job title and where you saw the job posting for easy reference. 

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Mar 31, 2023


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