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Job Details

Automotive Team Lead

Job ID: 19,584

Date Posted:
May 10, 2022
Job Title:
Automotive Team Lead
Starting Rate: $18.54 - $20.54 hourly
Job Category:
4700 Industrial Parkway, Alliston.

Job Description:

Assemble-rite Ltd continuously strives to achieve and maintain the highest levels of safety, quality, on-time delivery and cost efficiency throughout our organization. Our 3rd Party Containment services are located all over North America, operating through home base satellite offices, within our warehouse facilities set up by SpencerARL or directly from our customers preferred on-site location. We are hired to protect our customers from any further escapes, and/or, part non-conformities within their process. Our team does this safely, and without any interruptions to their daily operations. We are required to provide a breaking point, to separate good parts from bad parts, and to communicate our findings, effectively, on regular basis. General Duties of a Quality Team Leader &/Or Supervisor: *Must be capable to perform, train and manage all of the associates job duties *Ensures that all employees have seen our quality policies and that it is visual for all to see when possible or at the very least in a designated area. *Ensures all Health & Safety rules are observed and that our policy is visual for all to see when possible or at the very least in a designated area. *Ensures all Plant Rules are observed. *Ensures all daily delivery requirements are met *Participates in manpower follow up and manpower readiness before each shift start. *Instructs, trains and maintains all level of training provided to our inspector associates on our CVP documents and process and its applications. *Ensures paperwork is completed properly and handed in at the end of each shift. *Responsible for shift to shift communication. *Responsible to alert the supervisor/ operations manager of any revisions and changes to current process within the shift and / or any new inspection start up request by the customer. *Conducts daily pre-shift meetings. *Ensures good /bad parts are identified and separated properly. *Ensures that all visuals requirements are posted, reviewed, and maintained properly.. *Actively participates and able to do any of the associate jobs, when required, eg.to cover for attendance issues, or a specific job requests a working team leader. *Audits frequently as per the corporate quality guidelines- to validate and maintain training in job duties, and workflow processes. *Operates within corporate guidelines of the Business Management System. *Supports implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001:2015 certification programs. Before the start of each shift the team leader ensures that both the work cell area and associates are equipped properly to complete the daily work requirement. *Ensures that good and bad parts are separated, identified, and then kept organized in a control process. *Ensures that good and bad parts are removed from the work cell and that all of its corresponding paperwork, kept throughout their shift is reconciled.


Assemble Rite Limited


Minimum 1-2 year of automotive experience Minimum 1-2 years experience in a leadership or supervisor role Ability to work independently or in a team Strong verbal and written communication skills Must be 18+ years of age The position will require: Standing 8-10 hours per shift. Ability to lift up to 40 lbs. Manual and physical dexterity. Ability to read and understand written instructions. Ability to follow verbal instructions. Ability to distinguish colors. Reliable and independent transportation

How To Apply:

Please email your resume or contact Rachael @ rshivrattan@assembleriteltd.com if you have any questions.

Advertised Until:

Aug 10, 2022


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